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2021 Cabernet Franc
2021 Cabernet Franc
2021 Cabernet Franc

Paradise Grapevine

2021 Cabernet Franc

Label: Paradise Grapevine

Vintage: 2021

Fruit: Cabernet Franc

Region: Lincoln Lakeshore, Ontario, Canada

ABV: 11.5 %

cottage core / wayward dreams / errant traveller  

Cabernet Franc, certainly a variety we live for and one of the more reverent grapes of our region. The 2021 Cabernet Franc is a single vineyard blend of 4 barrels made from our most precious and premium fruit of the year. The vineyard is Grimsby Hillside and those of you who have been paying attention will notice that this is a very special place in Niagara. As the cool air is pinched between the escarpment and the lake in this tiny field, it cools the fruit and allows for a longer hang time, which in turn allows for more flavour development and when we're talking about Cabernet Franc that is a very special phenomenon. When we convinced Paul and Josh to convert this tiny old-vine parcel of Cabernet Franc to organic treatments in 2021 we didn't realize it would catalyze the organic transformation of nearly the entire vineyard (work in progress), and it makes us proud to have played that part. Organic fruit is hard to come by in this province, we exist in a conventional sticky trap that is hard to escape. The difference in the fruit? Well, it gets better every year.

An exemplary wine of the vintage, lean and elegant with soft chalky tannins. The profile displays a balanced melody of some distinctive varietal markers while also presenting subtleties such as leather, cacao and raspberry chocolate. It is somehow as rustic as it is elegant, a charming wine that we are proud to offer you.

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