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Paradise Grapevine - Wine Bar

841 Bloor St W, 
Bar Open:
Everyday 1pm-2am
Bottle Shop Open:
Everyday 1pm-2am

Paradise Grapevine is our original wine bar- it's where our journey started. We took over the bar from the previous (retired) owners of Menalon Restaurant - a beloved Greek dive bar ran by Christos and Athina Haralampous (now our landlords and bar guardian angels). You might notice some original signage, mural work and design elements within the space; we have done our best to preserve the original character of the bar they entrusted to us. In fact our name, Paradise Grapevine, actually comes from the old sandwich board directing people to the gorgeous vine-covered patio that is hidden behind our bar. We, Christian and Dave, opened this bar in 2018 out of a common desire to create a fun space that served high quality natural wine and beers in a casual atmophere with bar service and a friendly spirit. 
We share a love of all things beverage, especially wine. In 2019 we decided to put our beverage production backgrounds into practice and took on the challenge of making wine in Ontario. That next year, as the lockdowns closed our business, we decided to totally pivot our model and open Toronto's first ever independent wine shop which we still run today online and out of our Bloor St bar. We've also contuinued to grow our winemaking opperations and opened our very own Winery and Restaurant in 2022 on Geary Avenue. We're proud to have opened the first real winery in the city of Toronto, it's a dream realized for us to be able to make our wine at home and serve it directly through the onsite bar and restaurant. Although we feature our own wines regularly, the wine menu focuses on natural and low-intervention wines from around the world. 
Paradise Grapevine is designed to be a fluid and energtic space and thus we are walk-in and bar service only. If you'd like to make a group booking we do offer partial and full private rentals of the patio and bar. You can reach for all enquiries.

We're usually pretty busy, but we love hearing from people, so if you ever want to reach out and say hello you can write us at 

Snack Menu 

Sourdough - $5
Chips - Ham or Truffle - $5
Spicy Gundilla Peppers - $5
Olives - $5
Semi Sun-Dried Tomatoes - $5
Chorizo - $6
Everything Plate - $51
Mixed Plate - $38
Cheese Plate - $22
Meat Plate - $24
Rotational Chesses - $5

Wine Menu

Our extensive by-the-glass wine menu is updated on our chalkboards daily. All the bottles available in our store can be viewed in the shop area of the website and purchased to drink at the bar for a $20 corkage.