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2022 Ascona Vineyard


2022 Ascona Vineyard

Label: Madson Wines

Vintage: 2022

Fruit: Chardonnay 

Region: California, United States


casting diamonds on a low lying stream / peach skin / swiftie trance 

Bury what you think you know about California Chardonnays in the Coachella desert while you take your head out of the sand. Drinking this vintage reminded me of the first time I heard Channel Orange: smoking weed out of a punctured soda can, fantasizing about my best friend and cutting my foot open on the side of a pool. Textured & mineral driven, if you can't decide between a Gin Sour or an iced, unsweetened Jasmine tea with a few sprinkles of Maldon, this is the wine for you.


Originally an organic farmer, landscaper & manager of the Demeter Seed Library, Cole Thomas, founder of Madson Wines, gave up his dedication to preserving the lineage of various botanicals to learn the process of vinification in Australia & New Zealand. Gaining an appreciation for the approach to natural wine making, Cole returned to northern California and started the winery in the Santa Cruz Mountains, nestled between the Pacific Ocean & the San Francisco Bay area. Largely considered a temperate rainforest, with warm, dry summers and mild winters, one could seemingly convince themselves they’re smack dab in the middle of the Mediterranean.

Slowly transitioning the vineyards they lease to adopting completely organic processes & committing to regenerative agriculture, while also being completely carbon neutral, they represent the California ethos to its truest form.


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