Tissot Jurassic Park 3-Pack


Tissot Jurassic Park 3-Pack

Wow wow wow! We are so beyond happy to have these delightful wines in our thirsty paws. The Jura is tied with Loire Valley and Champagne as our very favourite winemaking region. They're all so different how do we choose! These oxidative and life altering wines are not only loved by me, a simpleton, but have also been written about in books! Books that have been published! So basically the wines of Tissot are objectively great... This Tissot tour of the Jura includes: 

1 x NV Cremant du Jura

1 x 2018 'Patchwork' Chardonnay

1 x 2019 'DD' Rouge Blend (Poulsard, Trousseau, Pinot Noir) 

PLUS it comes with chips. We highly recommend finding a nice salty cheese for the chardonnay, and a bowl of wild buttery mushrooms for the pinot noir.