Theodora Weiss

Gut Oggau

Theodora Weiss

Producer: Gut Oggau

Vintage: 2018

Grape: Gruner Veltliner + Welschriesling

Region: Burgenland, Austria

ABV: 11.5%

From the back label:

"Well-structured and sassy as ever. Vivacious, spirited and still a little stubborn. But we wouldn't want her any other way. For surely that's what life is all about. Being true to yourself and your principles. Never backing down and hold your own against the pressures of conformity. In a world of compromise, we need personalities like her to inspire us to stand up for what we believe in. With every sip of Theodora you take she might awaken a little of the rebel within you too." 

Please note, all orders come with a bag of chips!