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Revel Cider


Label: Revel Cider

Style: Blend of 3 different ciders, aged on 3 different plums for about 7 months: Blue plums, Red plums, and Golden plums- all grown in Niagara.

Region: Guelph, Ontario, Canada

Size: 750mL

ABV: 6.3%

tart art / dancing sunbeams / strawberry cotton candy skies 

Three ciders matured on plums over the winter.
Three ciders came out this Spring to play.
Dancing sunbeams and crunchy plum tannin. Is there a plum La Croix?
There should be. For now, there's Spring.

Spring surprisingly smells like strawberry cotton candy, without being sweet. It also smells like, well, plums! The ripest ones though - we get them freshly picked out of Niagara once each year. No pasteurized purée here, just real fruit.

The flavour is tart art — crunchy acidity meets plum stone tannins and a chewy-ness that feels adjacent to our favourite Provençal rosés.

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