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Sam's Big Dog Karaoke Bash Mixed Pack

Mixed Pack

Sam's Big Dog Karaoke Bash Mixed Pack

Our boy Sam is a bit of a ham. 

Thank goodness that after dive bar karaoke was unceremoniously torn from his hands, his best friend and rival, Adrian (the Big Dog), heroically created the Big Dog's Karaoke Bash: Toronto's first weekly live stream, choose-your-own-adventure karaoke call-in house party meets battle royale fuelled by bangers, petty rivalry, and radical acceptance of circumstance. 

This hum-along pilsner, anthemic pale ale, glou glou slow jam, and sparkling showstopper will perfectly accompany this week's festivities, live on Saturday at 8PM @thebigbusinessboy on Instagram. New caller prioritized, like, share, and subscribe.

This pack includes:

1 x Christophe Pacalet 'Beaujolais-Villages' Gamay (chill me!)

1 x Cuvée Crochet 'Extra Brut Rosé' (dry and bubbly because karaoke is a celebration!)

1 x Bellwoods Brewery 'Jutsu' Pale Ale

1 x Sonnen Hill 'Heart Lake' Pilsner  

Plus, it comes with chips too!!