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2019 Ricetti

Martha Stoumen

2019 Ricetti

Producer: Martha Stoumen

Vintage: 2019

Grape(s): Carignan 

Region: California, United States

ABV: 12%

foggy mornings at the cabin / fluttering around the dance floor / roses on your birthday / eating berries mountainside 

Vibrant and age-worthy, this rare bird won’t make an appearance in our portfolio again until 2023. 

This is a special wine we don’t make every year. While the Venturi Vineyard Carignan reminds me of Gamay, the Ricetti Vineyard Carignan reminds me of Pinot noir. The Ricetti Carignan vines are large, head-trained, 73 year-old vines, and the vineyard resembles a small forest, with shoots reaching far overhead. It’s a vineyard where you can find shade underneath the canopy, as if you were sitting below a miniaturized old oak. Tom and Pamela Ricetti are serious about their winter compost application, so not only is the canopy forest-like, but the rich topsoil undervine reminds me of the spongy duff of a forest floor.

Perhaps a coincidence, but the 2019 Ricetti Carignan wine has this soft forest floor characteristic woven into its profile. The 2019 Ricetti Carignan was harvested in late fall, on a still, foggy morning. While the delicacy of this vintage reminds me of Burgundy, the finish of this wine is dry and firmly states “I’m a Californian old-vine Carignan”.  

Production: 158 cases

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