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Reinette Russet

Revel Cider

Reinette Russet


Style: Apple Cider w/ Reinette Russet Apples

Region: Guelph, Ontario

Size: 750mL

ABV: 7.7%

funky fresh dressed to impress ready to party / turn the volume up 

Reinette Russet is our new favourite Russet.

First described in Normandy France in 1771, Reinette Russets have that funky fresh glow we're all vibing on these days.

What's it like? Reinette Russet is cider, but drinks like a wine. The aroma is classic russet-skin nuttiness. The flavour is in the world of a gentle orange wine, if you made it with Starfruit instead of grapes. Citrus, salt and fallow earth sing together on your tongue. Easy acid and light, chalky tannins round it all out.

It's in the world of the famous French cidre Coat Albret if you've had it, without the sweetness.

Reinette Russet was bottle fermented this year for natural bubbles. It's highly carbonated, so be sure to get it cold before opening.

Reinette Russet gave us a tiny crop last year, so we made only 16 cases of this vintage.

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