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Pinot Noir 4 Lovers

Mixed Pack

Pinot Noir 4 Lovers

Pinot Noir might be the most poetic grape. Just search "Pinot Noir Poems" and you'll find lists and lists on the romanticization of Pinot Noir. It's a fan favourite and I for one am a fan. Pinot Noir is notoriously a finicky grape, but if you treat it right, it will produce the most stunning results. This pack includes three Pinot Noirs, all sensational in their own way. 

1 x Domaine Robert Gilbourg 2018 'Le Grand Saussy' 
1 x Anne de Joyeuse 2021 'Les Carabènes'
1 x Hughes Pavelot 2019 "Les Beaumonts' 

Plus, all orders come with chips, so you get those too!