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Pink Boots Dry-Hopped Lagered Ale

Bellwoods Brewery

Pink Boots Dry-Hopped Lagered Ale

Producer: Bellwoods Brewery X Pink Boots Society

Style: Dry-Hopped Lagered Ale

Region: Toronto, Ontario

Size: 473mL

ABV: 5%

Inspired by old world lagers but with a new world twist, our Dry Hopped Lagered Ale is clean, crisp, and completely delicious.

Lightly grainy, crystal clear and dry, with notes of delicate fruit, honey, and subtle pear drop candy — this beer pairs perfectly with a patch of sunshine in which to enjoy it.

In addition to its sensory merits, Dry Hopped Lagered Ale was developed and brewed by our female brewers on International Women's Day and features this year's Pink Boots Blend from Yakima Chief Hops (HBC 630, Idaho Gem, Loral, Talus and Triumph).

A portion of the proceeds from the sale of this beer goes to the Pink Boots Society

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