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Oud Blanc

Revel Cider

Oud Blanc

Producer: Revel Cider

Style: Wild Fermented Cider, Perry & Riesling

Region: Guelph, Ontario

Size: 750mL

ABV: 7.9%

peach tea / riesling affogato / straw sun hat

It kind of smells like stone fruit sweet tarts, if you drizzled Riesling over them.

It has this distinct stewed fruit note to it, like if someone made a peach tea and blended it with a pretty chill orange wine. The tannins are present, but not over the top; experientially they're like sucking on a plum pit.

It's got the psychological essence of sipping nice things on a hot beach. Distinct from past vintages, but far more representative of where our pallets are today.

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