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Ostara Elderflower

Revel Cider

Ostara Elderflower

Producer: Revel

Style: Cider w/ Golden Plums & Foraged Elderflower

Region: Guelph, Ontario

Size: 750mL

ABV: 6.6%

plum punch / cordial elderflower / finger tingles 

Ostara Elderflower starts with punchy elderflower aromas supported by lively plum notes. The cider is dry, but has perceptual sweetness from the elderflower. The flowers add nuanced fruit notes: think Muscat, lychee and pear.

This blend drinks like a prickly sparkling white wine, made from a grape variety that only exists in our imaginations.

Wild fermented with our native microflora.

Please note, all orders come with chips!