Cider Haus R00ls Pack

Mixed Pack

Cider Haus R00ls Pack

You guys ever read Canadian legend Michael Ondaatje?

Anyway, the fermented grape is pretty hot n' holy to us but have you ever tried messed up apples? For the them apples types in your life, here is a pack of three dry ciders. We know sugar has hurt you before but we won't let that happen to you ever again. We are in love with these cider makers and we propose marriage to them daily. One day we will be the apple of their eye. One day...

Each pack includes: 

1 x Field Bird “Sing Song” Traditional Method Cider

1 x Cidrerie de Leguer “Premium" Dry Cider

1 x Revel “Good Evening” Cortland Cider, Skin Contact Vidal, Honey and Honeycomb Blend

This pack, like literally everything on the website, comes with a fancy bag of chips.