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NV Papillon Blanc de Noir


NV Papillon Blanc de Noir

Producer: Ruppert-Leroy

Vintage: NV

Grape Varietal: Pinot Noir

Region: Aube, Champagne

ABV: 12%

buttermilk biscuits / tacita dean’s chalk mountains / chopin nocturnes

A few years ago we threw a house party that I acutely no longer wanted to be a part of. It’s hard to ask people to leave gracefully but being the good communicator I am, I managed to do it subtly by turning the fun music off, turning the bright lights on, and laying on the floor under a tall kitchen chair. This champagne has much much much more grace than me, and has never experienced an overwhelming grumpy mood.  In Champagne many big producers go for volume but husband and wife team Bénédicte Ruppert and Emmanuel Leroy strive for elegance and nuance above all. Ruppert-Leroy duo carry their land like they would a newborn with a soft skull and a jello neck. They have a teeny certified organic property in the southern end of Champagne that they treat better than I treat my body. This blanc de noir is lively, expressive and perfectly structured and it’s what you should buy me if I need cheering up. All of us agree, it is the cuvee from Ruppert-Leroy.

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