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NV Orange


NV Orange

Label: Cirelli 

Vintage: NV

Fruit: Trebbiano 

Region: Abruzzo, Italy


adult orangina / bright and breezy / happy soul

organic / biodynamic 
thirty days on skins

“I’ve been fortunate enough to grow up in a well-off family, which allowed me to spend a fantastic and dispassionate childhood and to study in the most prestigious schools in EU. My grandparents and my parents spent all their entire life on bettering the social, cultural, and economical status of the family, cutting all the links with their origin: the soil. Once I got the graduation in BA I decided to invest my little money on a farm in Abruzzo, the so-called “green region of Europe”. Since 2003, I am therefore trying to reestablish a link between myself and the origin of my family because I am more then convinced of the goodness of the values within the farming. In fact, there is a phrase that I love (but I don’t remember the author): “the farmer is the closest man to God”. This is not to say that I feel close to God, but I would like my children to grow up with a better understanding of the moral values of the soil. That’s all.” – Francesco Cirelli

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