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Toronto Wine Bar Suenen, NV Oiry Blanc de Blancs, beautiful, C-france, champagne, cheese, dessert, elegant, fancy, G-chardonnay, groupe soleil, natural, party, perfect, pizza, R-champagne, S-blanc de blancs, S-rich and plush - Paradise Grapevine


NV Oiry Blanc de Blancs

Producer: Aurelien Suenen

Vintage: NV

Grape(s): Chardonnay

Region: Oiry, Champagne, France

ABV: 12%

croquembouche / cream-colored power suit / gustav klimt “the kiss”

Luxurious bubbles shimmer in this liquid gold daydream. Drinking this feels like laying around naked in silk sheets eating a croissant warmed in a beam of soft sunlight. It, is, pure, delight. It’s actually too good, it might ruin you for other wine. You might keep the empty bottle and look at it longingly just remembering the moments you shared together. A rich and deeply complex blanc de blancs from the champagne prince Aurelien Suenen! 

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