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NV Métisse

Olivier Horiot

NV Métisse

Producer: Olivier Horiot

Vintage: NV

Grape(s): Pinot Noir, Pinot Blanc

Region: Les Riceys, Champagne, France

ABV: 12%

meyer lemon squeeze / quince soda / fairy lights 

This multifaceted effervescent adventure is both fruity and toasty. If fruits and toast were on a road trip together the fruit would be driving and navigating, maybe saying passive aggressive things every once in a while toast would be there half listening but mostly dozing in the back. That is to say, for champagne this is more fruit driven. Think late autumn apple orchard aromas. Think fallen fruits, think barely hanging fruits, think woods, think elderflowers. Think endless evenings. Think of every time you’ve clinked your glass against the glass of a beautiful smiling friend. Think of how you’ll live it all again.

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