NV Free Mousse Pet Nat

Manoir de la Tête Rouge

NV Free Mousse Pet Nat

Producer: Manoir de la Tête Rouge

Vintage: NV

Varietal: Chenin, Cabernet Franc

Region: VDF, Loire, France

ABV: 12.5%

apple cheesecake / lee’s palace / beeswax wrap alternative

Funny little fizzer made from cab franc and chenin blanc in the wine-holy land of Saumur. When I had it last it was warm and flat and friends had been swigging it straight from the bottle so who knows how much was spit and how much was wine but it was still pretty good, or as a friend of mine says about every wine ever “it was drinking beautifully”. This could be dressed up or down, consumed in bed out of cracked tupperware or in a throne out of a golden goblet.

Please note, all orders come with a bag of chips!