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NV Brut Nature Grand Cru

Benoît Lahaye

NV Brut Nature Grand Cru

Producer: Benoît Lahaye

Vintage: NV

Grape(s): Pinot Noir, Chardonnay

Region: Bouzy, Champagne, France

ABV: 12%

alpine strawberry / aurora borealis / perfect cursive 

organic / biodynamic 

I’ve used alpine strawberry as a tasting note somewhere else on this website but I say it again here because to me they always taste like a cross between strawberry and apple. This is mostly pinot noir which gives it that tart red berry character, with a bit o’ nutty earth from the chardonnay. Benoit Lahaye champagne is a gd gift. Champagne President Peter Liem called Benoit the village leader of Bouzy, the southern area of Champagne where Benoit grows lovely little grapes, and I will have you know is a huge compliment! Drinking this feels like the sound of your favourite person saying your name, being perfectly well slept for once and marvelling at the powerful crash of a waterfall.

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