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NV Arquémie Numero 2

Champagne Fresne-Ducret

NV Arquémie Numero 2

Producer: Champagne Fresne-Ducret

Vintage: NV

Grape(s): Chardonnay 

Region: Villedommange, Champagne, France

ABV: 12%

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In 2014 Pierre Fresne began a new adventure in creating a series of micro-batch cuvées for connoisseurs of champagne. Each year, he creates one or two “experiments” to try techniques that he thinks will yield interesting wines. This collection of craft champagnes is called Arquémie, the French word for alchemy used in the Middle Ages and the Renaissance. Defined as a “truly regal science and an undoubtedly divine makes a thousand different waters, a thousand oils, different liqueurs and infinite other things without which we could not live comfortably or even live at all”, the name Arquémie truly embodies the spirit of the collection.

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