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Revel Cider


Label: Revel Cider

Style: wild fermented cider from 2021, macerated on golden plums from 2022 for 6 months, and aged in our clay amphora for an additional 4 months before bottling

Region: Guelph, Ontario

Size: 750mL

ABV: 6.6%

plums dancing in the aroma / soft flowers / uncomplicated energy

Plum leaves and skins dance in the aroma, with softer notes of white spring flowers. The tart malic acid of our fruit is moderated by the limestone-rich clay used to make our amphora.

Moraine is soft and saline, with gentle fruit and an uncomplicated energy. The way these tart plum skins play with the saltiness of the clay make this a delightful  expression of clay amphora—its minerality front and centre.

Drink Moraine when you crave the texture of orange wine but want something just a little bit more ephemeral.

32 cases made.

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