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Michelle's Backyard BBQ 3-Pack

Mixed Pack

Michelle's Backyard BBQ 3-Pack

Michelle's backyard BBQ's are a much looked forward to event! There is always a lavish spread of food, a pool to soak your feet in and more laughing than you can imagine. It's a bonus that she has excellent taste in wine and LOVES to share!! It is always such a treat! Since we can no longer go to Michelle's for a BBQ party, she has shared her picks with us! So you can have your own BBQ party outside, in your kitchen, on your couch! Anywhere really! 

This pack includes: 

1 x Domaine Rolet ' Crémant du Jura Brut Blanc' Chardonnay (it's no party without bubbles)

1 x Domaine Bobinet 'Piak!' Cabernet Franc (high acid glou glou juice is a must)

1 x BK Wines 'Skin n Bones' Savagnin (textured five alive, yum) 

PLUS, you need chips at a party, and your pack comes with chips too!