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March Tastings!


March Tastings!

Taste through the entire PGV catalog during our lovely Saturday afternoon tastings! $59 gets you a guided tasting with 11 glasses of PGV wine plus snacks – not a bad way to spend a Saturday afternoon, if you ask us.

The wines we'll be tasting are:

Gamay Piquette
Cabernet Blueberry Piquette
Pep Talk
Willms Chardonnay
Golden Hour
Vin de Soif
Cabernet Franc 

Tastings begin at 1PM and run for about 60 minutes at Paradise Grapevine Winery (218 Geary Avenue) on March 4, 11, 18 and 25. Tickets are virtual and non-refundable. We wait 15 minutes for guests to arrive before starting, so please be prompt!

If you have a gift tasting, email to schedule a date and time :)