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Lindsey's Desert Island Wines

Mixed Pack

Lindsey's Desert Island Wines

If I could only choose three wines that washed ashore with me on a desert island, these would be them. It was a near impossible choice but it had to be made. Is this my private wine island a nightmare or a fantasy? Who is to say? You'll notice there is no red wine in here, I rarely drink red anymore and my island is so hot all I want is to be refreshed! Now if you'll excuse me I'll be guzzling these behind a coconut tree in peace. 

Each pack includes:

1 x NV Ruppert-Leroy 'Papillon' Blanc de Noir Champagne

1 x 2019 Didier Grappe Savagnin Ouille

1 x 2016 Damien Laureau 'Les Genets' Chenin Blanc

These come with fancy chips because on my island I'm still fancy.