2019 Lezér


2019 Lezér

Producer: Elisabetta Foradori

Vintage: 2019

Grape Variety: Toreldego

Region: Alto Adige, Italy

ABV: 13%

sultry strawberry / flowers from secret admirer / all fun no work 

We love it. We love her. Everything about this in our minds (and I use the general we but I mean just me, Linds) thinks this is some great juicy juice. Elisabetta Foradori is a queen working mostly in northern Italy. She wears her v ethereal silver hair in a low bun that is coiffed with a certain elegance I have never otherwise experienced. Working with a rare grape variety called Toreldego, this wine is almost as ethereal as her luminous  tresses. Lezér actually derives from the Trentino dialectical word for ‘light’, and the Italian ‘leggero’! Is it red? Is it dark rose? It doesn't matter really because all we want it to do is slake our immense thirst on the most humid garbage wafty days of Toronto summer. And it does.