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Gamay Piquette
Gamay Piquette
Gamay Piquette

Paradise Grapevine

Gamay Piquette

Producer: Paradise Grapevine

Style: Fizzy, low-alcohol beverage made by re-fermenting pressed grape skins in water, with fruit !! 

Region: Niagara, Ontario

Size: 750mL

ABV:  3%

flashdance soundtrack / dramatic sky / the pitter patter of rain on a sunday morning 

Our new Piquette Gamay is bursting with red and blue fruit, hot fizz, low alcohol, think summer breeze, sunbathing on the dock, life of the party without the hangover! Still loving dry-ish January?! Want the bubbly fun times we all deserve? This is the wine for you!! Head to the shop to pick up a bottle or come sip on our patio!

5 days on skins
gamay went through carbonic maceration 

Please note, all orders come with chips!