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Toronto Wine Bar Mixed Pack, Cult Classiques with Red Grapes 3-Pack, chilled red, fun, funky, gift, mixed pack, natty, natural, red, red wine, weird - Paradise Grapevine

Mixed Pack

Cult Classiques with Red Grapes 3-Pack

The best weird funky and natty reds we got! These are highly allocated, come in very rarely, and are sought after by the most eccentric wine nerds in the land. All quite aromatic, rude but it's so cute, and very idiosyncratic.  

Each pack incudes...

1 x Forlorn Hope 'Queen of the Sierra'

1 x Strekov1075 'Fred'

1 x Les Foes 'Cami dels Contrabandistes'

To top it all off it comes with chippppsss!