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Cox Orange Pet Nat Cider


Cox Orange Pet Nat Cider

Producer: Sourwood

Style: Sparkling Cider

Region: Halifax, Nova Scotia

Size: 750mL

ABV: 6%

morning orange / electric feels / pillowcase lavender 

Made from the super juicy and delicious Cox Orange Pippin variety of apples, this cider is the ultimate lake companion. This bottle wears its notes on its sleeve - a bright, punchy banger! Macerated, freshly-pressed apples balanced by a light,
lavender-esque perfume. 
Nova Scotia crisped apple must ferment and macerate together for 3 weeks before letting the juice freely run from the tank. This was spontaneously fermented with native yeast in tank. The juice was pumped over the cap and to ensure skin contact and healthy yeast, which allowed the juice to settle naturally in another uncontrolled tote before racking for packaging. Raw and unfiltered - zero additions or sulfur. 

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