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2022 Les Champs Pernin Rouge

Santini Collective

2022 Les Champs Pernin Rouge

Label: Santini Collective
Winemaker: Chris Santini 

Vintage: 2022

Fruit: Pinot Noir

Region: Givry, Burgundy, France

ABV: 12%

organic / biodynamic
flotation vinification

lush raspberry / walking through a peaceful forest / cold air smell

Champs but not Champagne, honey. Just one sip of this elixir will stir up childhood memories of wrestling on patchy soccer fields and rolling around on only the crunchiest early autumnal leaves. Close your eyes and you can smell dozens of pairs of wet snow pants being dragged across the foyer just before winter break. Or maybe ignore those intrusive thoughts and just slather your favourite raspberry jam on a crusty slice of sourdough, with a sprinkle of dried oregano.


American by birth, Santini Collective leader Christopher Santini, grew up spending his summers in France, and took part in his first harvest in Provence before he was legal drinking age in his home country. Part of the larger Auxey Collective, the Santini Collective is a product of Christopher & his brothers- turns out blood is about as thick as grape juice. Taking over a winery that's over 100 years old, Santini sources organic fruit from unusual Burgundian appellations and utilises minimal sulphur in the final product.


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