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2022 Gamay Nouveau

Paradise Grapevine

2022 Gamay Nouveau

Producer: Paradise Grapevine

Vintage: 2022

Grape(s): Gamay

Region: Niagara, Ontario

ABV: 11%

strawberry pop rocks / funhouse entrance / dreams do come true 

As is the tradition for this style of wine we did a 100% whole-cluster carbonic maceration on the grapes as soon as we'd sorted them. This means putting the whole grape bunches in a carbon dioxide environment so that they undergo an enzymatic fermentation (as apposed to the typical alcoholic fermentation). This technique unlocks all sorts of wonderfully play-full favours such as strawberry sorbet, grape-y bubblegum, pink starburst gummy and raspberry tart! It creates a ‘juicey-ness' in the wine which sets the mood for it's early release as a super-fun and festive jovial wine that marks the end of the wine harvest and the beginning of the new vintage. 

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