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2022 Alt Scheidt

Peter Lauer

2022 Alt Scheidt

Label: Peter Lauer
Winemaker: Florian Lauer

Vintage: 2022

Fruit: Riesling

Region: Saar, Germany


The name for this wine is loosely based on a long since declassified vineyard site. That site's fruit was destined for lighter, easy drinking styles of wine frequented by the winery team. Alt Scheidt is Lauer's entry wine. A mineral-fresh off- dry Riesling that drinks very delicately. 

Florian Lauer is currently one of the greatest winemakers in this sacred place. Florian's general style is exactly the opposite of his famous Saar neighbors Egon Müller and Hanno Zilliken. At Lauer, the focus is on dry-tasting Rieslings as opposed to the residual sugar wines of the latter two. Employing natural-yeast fermentations, Lauer's wines find their own balance. They tend to be more textural, deeper and more structured. They have a preternatural sense of balance, an energy that is singular. Yet the hallmarks of the Saar are there: purity, precision, rigor, mineral.

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