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2021 Riesling
2021 Riesling
2021 Riesling
2021 Riesling
2021 Riesling

Paradise Grapevine

2021 Riesling

Label: Paradise Grapevine

Vintage: 2021

Fruit: Riesling

Region: Willms Vineyard, Niagara-on-the-Lake, Ontario

ABV: 11%

cactus club / open sesame / emotional support lemon

barrel fermented

2021 was a wet old harvest and we were honestly lucky to pull these grapes off the vines before they were destroyed by rain. Luckily, that dampness bestowed on us a parting gift - the grapes were covered in botrytis (see nobel rot) to a degree we'd never seen before. This fungus transforms the sugars of the grapes in a way that we love, weaving complexity and giving the wine distinctive character. Don't be fooled though, this wine is light on its feet and perfectly suited to the hot weather we are about to experience. Think lemon verbena, fresh thyme, prickly pear and beeswax. Naturally fermented in barrel, unfined and unfiltered. 

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