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2021 PIXU


2021 PIXU

Label: Gilvesy

Vintage: 2021

Fruit: Olasrizling

Region: Lake Balaton, Hungary 

ABV: 12.5%

polished edges / soul gaze energy / apple bonk 

Gilvesy Pixu is a new direction in the life of the winery, but it is also part of a very organic process. In recent years, natural wines have gained more and more ground in the wine world, and Robert finds this style very exciting, yet divisive: he tasted a lot, experimented, read on the subject. He wanted to experiment in this direction since 2019, but it was important that these wines also find their place in the clean, familiar and polished world of the Gilvesy Estate. By now, the concept has matured and the experience gained has been embodied in the PIXU series.

This year, Furmint, Rhine Riesling and Italian Riesling will be launched. "Each batch is characterized by gentle processing, fermentation with low and zero sulfur, unfiltered, unclear batches. Exciting wines with full texture and showing the fruitiness of the original must. These are the faces of Gilvesy Estate and St. George's Hill!"


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