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2021 Nightcall Pét-Nat
2021 Nightcall Pét-Nat
2021 Nightcall Pét-Nat

Paradise Grapevine

2021 Nightcall Pét-Nat

Label: Paradise Grapevine

Vintage: 2021

Fruit: Zweigelt

Region: Niagara, Ontario, Canada


sweet tarts / strawberry cream funnel cake / fresh hug from an old friend

The general consensus is that this is still our yummiest wine to date! 

Harvested in mid-September as Zweigelt matures very quickly here, destemmed, and wild fermented with limited pumpovers for a lighter extraction. 3 days on the skins before pressing and bottling! We then disgorged it for a nice clear Pét-Nat!

Light, fizzy and spiced – swedish berries, cherry blasters, fresh cranberry!

When we released the 2020 vintage, we donated a portion of sales directly to a close friend who had a brain aneurysm to help her cover some living costs when future income prospects were uncertain. With this vintage, we're donating $1000 to the Brain Aneurysm Foundation, who work to keep families and communities together after aneurysm ruptures and strive to keep people working. 

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