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2021 Lodi

Monte Rio Cellars

2021 Lodi

Producer: Monte Rio Cellars

Vintage: 2021

Grape(s): Petit Verdot (50%), Sauvignon Blanc (50%) 

Region: California

ABV: 10.5%

big splooshes / showstopping / pinkies out 

ten days carbonic fermentation

Founded by somm (of many fancy places, winner of numerous accolades) Patrick Cappiello and Pax Mahle, Monte Rio Cellars is a collaboration of these two wine talents to showcase the underdog grapes, winemaking styles, and growing sites across California’s North Coast. They're making what one might call "sommelier wines" - light, low ABV, crushable, the kind of thing you can drink late at night after your floor shift without ruining the next morning.  We dig this style.  

You can tell from the neon pink color that this Coferment is going to be a fun wine, the bottle that gets drained quickly at a gathering.  Light, bright, spicy, and chuggable without being simple, this is as joyful and easy-drinking as it looks.  There are some green notes from the Petit Verdot, and a nice layer of earthiness to balance the juicy fruit.   Made for outdoor BBQs and picnics, but be sure to tote multiple bottles as one just won't do...

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