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2021 Kalecik Karasi


2021 Kalecik Karasi

Label: Gelveri
Winemakers: Udo Hirsch & Hacer Özkaya

Vintage: 2021

Fruit: Kalecik Karasi

Region: Central Anatolia, Turkey

ABV: 13.5%

feral love / rustic charm / dancing naked

zero zero

Kalecik Karasi, the lone red grape that Udo and Hacer work with, known for its big fruit, and low tannins. Widely produced across Cappadocia, but here in Aksaray Province is the only remaining place where this variety exists on its own rootstock, undisturbed by phylloxera. This is why Udo says it bears no resemblance to its mass-produced counterparts. 7-9 months of maceration for the reds, which unlike the whites, ferment and age in küp, in a semi-outdoor area of the winery exposed to the temperature changes throughout the year. Another 9 months in küp, before being drawn off for bottling. Nothing added. Wholly unique and extremely hard to draw comparisons. A wild and feral red, with character all its own. Grapey, rustic, and charming with a high ease of drinking. Again there’s smokiness from these old vines on their volcanic soils. With medium acid and plush fruit, it most closely resembles Saperavi or other amphora reds from neighbouring Georgia. A large presentation that has the sense of mellowing out with more time.

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