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2021 Danger 770V MAGNUM

Milan Nestarec

2021 Danger 770V MAGNUM

Label: Milan Nestarec
Winemaker: Nestarec

Vintage: 2021

Fruit: Neuburger, Muller, Muscat

Region: Moravia, Czech Republic

ABV: 12.5%

drops of jupiter / looking through the flame / the sparkle in their eye

Milan Nestarec is not a winery — I always correct people when they say that. Milan Nestarec is ideas that just happen to be represented through wine.

I'm not selling wine. I'm serving a world view. Using wine as a medium.

The 2021 marks a new, disgorged era for this electric wine. I recently realised that I've been enjoying the first, clean sips of Danger more than the yeasty last ones. Also, we changed our pressing system to a slower, gentler one, which means our musts are a bit more turbid. So I decided, after 5 undisgorged editions, to gently disgorge the lees in this one. Worry not, it's still kinda cloudy. But the bubbles are more structured, and well-behaved. We've never really called this wine a pet-nat anyways, it's a wine made with the same amount of care as our other cuvées, and we want to bring it to you with even more artisanship and precision than before. The 2021 vintage is also superbly aromatic, as the Muscat woke up from its past sleep and blessed us with a bountiful and beautiful crop.

Another new addition to the '21 vintage is magnuuum size! The "volts" have become one of our flagships – it's evolved, I'm giving it my full attention and it deserves a bigger bottle with a double dose of energy. The contents are the same as in 750ml bottles, just spent longer on the lees before disgorgement. More volume, more energy, more elegance, better-integrated bubbles. (Hence the joke with the 770V name - you not only get 2x 380V, but a little extra.)

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