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2021 Cullerot

Celler del Roure

2021 Cullerot

Producer: Celler del Roure

Vintage: 2021

Grape(s): Pedro Ximénez (25%), Macabeo (25%), Verdil (15%), Merseguera (10%), Malvasia (15%), Chardonnay (10%)

Region: Valencia, Spain

ABV: 13%

golden paddock / anise star / volume up high 


"In 2006 we acquired the new winery in les accuses and some years after we started our project to study and recover the use of the old amphoraes from the underground winery and was when the cullerot was born. Cullerot means tadpole. A small white wine that wanted to grow and improve in a red area. And it was. The amphoraes soon showed us their kindness with the white wines. Purity and freshness, a lot of freshness. Just what we needed."

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