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NV Co-Ferment


NV Co-Ferment

Producer: Scout

Vintage: NV

Fruit: Syrah, Riesling

Region: Cawston, British Columbia, Canada

ABV: 12.9%

bite-able / safe to eat wild berry / smiling politely

From the winery: The Syrah and Riesling grapes are harvested together at our Scout Vineyard. We filled various qvevri with whole clusters of Syrah and poured over freshly pressed Riesling juice until the Syrah was fully submerged. The qvevri are sealed and a spontaneous ferment ensues, creating a “carbonic maceration” of sorts. After 6 days the grapes are pressed and returned to qvevri where the wine finishes fermenting and ages for a further 7 months. Bottled unfined and unfiltered. Nothing added and nothing taken away. Crunchy fruit. Drier and slightly darker than last year, with more of the iron and meaty qualities of the Syrah, but still tempered by the Riesling’s razor like acid.

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