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2022 Cecilia

Gut Oggau

2022 Cecilia

Label: Gut Oggau
Winemakers: Eduard & Stephanie Tscheppe

Vintage: 2022

Fruit: Gemischter Satz

Region: Burgenland, Austria

ABV: 12%

organic / biodynamic
no added sulphur

quirky strawberry / toe tapping to the beat / dream inspiring 

Cecilia is possibly the freakiest freak from this family of freaks. This is a “Wiener Gemischter Satz”: an Austrian term for a red and white field blend pressed and fermented together. Of those, two-thirds are direct pressed while one-third sit on skins. This wine is a Girl Talk level mash-up (remeber that? No. Oh, okay, nevermind.) Cecilia defies tasting notes, so don't even try. Seriously, stop trying.

Meet Cecilia, the new family member! You see her, you taste her, you feel her, she inspires you. She doesn’t care about conventions , and won’t be put in a box. She shows you that it’s good to be a little bit different. Mixed in white and red, rooted on limestone she shines bright, and proves there’s much more beyond the defined categories. A lover of horses, her soil releases distinct character; and we know this is only the start of a beautiful journey we’ll share together. A journey into being one’s true self, without any pretention. Together with Cecilia, we care less about trying to impress, and only about remaining independent.


Have you ever heard that you can not dream a novel face? That every stranger's face you have seen in a dream must have come from someone you've seen before, stored somewhere deep in between folds of grey matter. Gut Oggau challenges that little anecdote, as they do many pre-conceptions and traditions in modern wine making.

Eduard and Stephanie Tscheppe-Eselböck are unapologetically poetic and whimsical, undeniably serendipitous, and very, very attractive – yet not intimidating. Taking over an abandoned vineyard in the village of Oggau off of Austria's Lake Neusidl in 2007 they let the winds blow and the rains wash away any residual agricultural chemicals and/or shackles to the expectations of the past. And now they are the undisputed hype GOATs of the natty wine world and the poster couple for Biodynamic agriculture.

Though they work mostly with six main grapes (Blaufrankish, Rötburger, Grüner Veltliner, Welchriesling, Weissburgunder, and Gewurtzraminer) they do not define their wines as such. Their wines are people, completely fictional but now alive and recognizable, probably popping up in the bizarre dreams of wine folk worldwide. Treat yourself, get Gut.


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