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2021 Blood & Flowers

Iruai Wine

2021 Blood & Flowers

Label: Iruai Wine

Vintage: 2021

Fruit: Syrah

Region: Applegate Valley, California, United States

ABV: 13%

melancholy incense / one of my sins / sweat dreams

When made right, Syrah is the pagan vision quest of red wines. If it were a film genre it would be an Italian Giallo. It's heady, full of smoke, flowers and incense. It's earthy and animalistic, full of musk, blood and iron. It's mysterious and exciting, ripe, bitter and black. It's a bit naughty. With "Blood + Flowers" Iruai set out to exemplify Syrah at it's most Syrah, in all its wild bacchanalian glory. Enjoy by: drinking from a goblet with smoked meat in a wooded sweat lodge.

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