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2021 Barbera 1L

Olek Bondonio

2021 Barbera 1L

Producer: Olek Bondonio

Vintage: 2021

Grape(s): Barbera

Region: Piedmont, Italy


vice grip / buying nibs from blockbuster / cherry cherry cherry win

This is the only négoce cuvée; Olek purchases Barbera from vineyards in the drier part of Asti, only contracting with several older-school growers who can farm these drier parcels with far lower chemical inputs compared to others. Some of the vineyards are sustainable, some organic. Fermented in concrete tanks, bottled unfined, with a very light filtering. The idea is to make a super fresh table wine meant for everyday drinking of which there actually is wine available, as the 6ha estate vineyards Bondonio farms always results in extremely limited quantities. Low tannic structure compared to most others in the region, great expression of fruit.

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