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2021 Atyp

Milan Nestarec

2021 Atyp

Label: Milan Nestarec
Winemaker: Nestarec

Vintage: 2021

Fruit: Red-White Field Blend

Region: Moravia, Czech Republic

ABV: 13.5%

hay y'all / yes ma'am / do si do 


Milan Nestarec is not a winery — I always correct people when they say that. Milan Nestarec is ideas that just happen to be represented through wine.

I'm not selling wine. I'm serving a world view. Using wine as a medium.

Atyp is becoming something like their own “Brutal” – a platform for all their craziness/experimentation/fun. He didn't plan it that way when they released the first Atyp this spring, but it now makes 100% sense and fits together perfectly with who they are and the vineyards they have. On one hand, they “stripped” their classic wines to their essential and continue to work on the little details, on the other, they still have some beautiful but diverse material and opportunity to play with it...which means the future of Atyp can hold many different things. 

A red-white field blend from the Michalica plot (planted in the early 90s). Although no one can give a straight answer as to what’s planted there, they know it’s a fair bit of Blaüfrankisch, Portugieser, St. Laurent and a lot of Moravian Muscat and Grüner Veltliner. 

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