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2020 The Way I Dream of You Pét-Nat
2020 The Way I Dream of You Pét-Nat
2020 The Way I Dream of You Pét-Nat

Paradise Grapevine

2020 The Way I Dream of You Pét-Nat

Producer: Paradise Grapevine

Vintage: 2020

Grape Variety: Pinot Gris

Region: Niagara, Ontario

ABV: 12.2%

pink juice box / sunset hammock / its friday and i'm in love

A transparent fizzy gem with a coral hue so deep it borders on ruby. For aromas think of the elusive white strawberry, a trumpet lily buzzing by the breeze of an open window, and bitter almond cake cooling in a cottage kitchen. We are not the first to wonder, does Pinot Gris not fall into the traditional categories of red or white but emerges instead creates a new category for itself as an amber grape? It is like a cross-genre artist, never to be fully determined but definitely always inherently cool. 

 How I Dream of You has real wide appeal. It simply cannot be disliked! Drink with your sweet best friend, your kind lover, or even the family member you might be able to hug soon who generally has picky wine taste – open their mind, they will love it! Also wonderful for solo nights in a hollywood style bubble bath. Bubbles + Bubbles + You! Available for these moments now, scroll a little more to get some! 

The fruit was destemmed, fermented on skins for 10 days before being racked into stainless steel. Once the wine reached 15g/l, we bottled it à la Pét-Nat! After 6 months in the bottle aging on lees, we disgorged every single bottle!

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