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2020 Stiolo


2020 Stiolo

Label: Terrevive
Winemaker: Gianluca Bergianti

Vintage: 2020

Fruit: Lambrusco di Sorbara

Region: Emilia-Romagna, Italy

ABV: 12.5%

rock the mic / sailors of the highway / im an outlaw baby

organic / biodynamic 

In 2008, Gianluca Bergianti founded Terrevive with 16 hectares in the village of Gargallo di Carpi just outside Modena, operating according to strict biodynamic principles since day one. He has since expanded to 35 hectares, growing cereals, vegetables, fruits, herbs, and, of course, grapes—although vineyards, planted entirely to autochthonous varieties, comprise just 10 total hectares in this calculatedly polycultural setting. Gianluca’s commitment to low cellar intervention and to the pre-Charmat-method traditional method for producing Lambrusco—he even has a wine called “No Autoclave”—results in wines of shocking immediacy, intense personality, riveting acidity, and organoleptic qualities which do not fit neatly into boxes.

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