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2020 Recta Pete

Fletcher Wines

2020 Recta Pete

Label: Fletcher Wines
Winemaker: David Fletcher

Vintage: 2020

Fruit: Roncaglie (50%), Starderi (35%), Ronchi (15%)

Region: Barbaresco, Italy

ABV: 13.5%

cherry pepper lips / lavender and mistletoe / bleeding love

organic / biodynamic

The Barbaresco "Recta Pete" (his historical Scottish family clan name that means "Shoot Straight") displays classic Italian nuances of sweet aromas, orange peel, dry but inviting tannins, roasted chestnut and a lovely amare finish. Elegant but expressive, it balances classicism and seduction. This wine comes from the two crus, Starderi and Roncaglie. David’s Starderi parcel is on the eastern end of the cru and on the higher part of the slope above the Pelisseri Borgata. This wine is a take on the tradition of blending vineyards that the region was once famous for, 'built' to express the best of the region. Sourcing fruit from several vineyards allows for the art of blending to come into action, with each vineyard adding to the different layers of the wine, enhancing its complexity. This wine is open fermented using natural yeasts. After fermentation to dryness, the wine will undergo two weeks of post-maceration, before ageing for two years in 10 year old French oak barriques.

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