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2020 Bourgogne Aligote

Domaine Chapel

2020 Bourgogne Aligote

Label: Domaine Chapel

Vintage: 2020

Fruit: Aligoté

Region: Côte de Nuits, Beaujolais, France

ABV: 12%

salty lemonade / exacto slice / decorating the house with mondrian

The Smith-Chapel Aligote is made from organic Aligoté Doré from Fixin in the Côte de Nuits. (Jean-Marc Roulot helped them source it.) The soil is a blend of marl and limestone. The wine fermented with only indigenous yeasts, vinified and aged in inox, and was bottled unfined/unfiltered. The label was inspired by the old street signs that have never been replaced in the Beaujolais. In that way, it’s something ordinary, familiar and part of daily life, like aligoté.

Note: Starting with their 2018 Aligoté, the Smith-Chapel label will be used to distinguish between purchased grapes and wines made from parcels Michele and David farm themselves. Everything under the Smith-Chapel label is from organically grown fruit from Beaujolais and its surrounding regions. The Domaine Chapel label is reserved for wines made from fruit they grew themselves. 

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