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2020 Beaujolais-Villages

Alex Foillard

2020 Beaujolais-Villages

Producer: Alex Foillard 

Vintage: 2020 

Grape(s): Gamay

Region: Beaujolais, France

ABV: 13%

roses without thorns / midnight whispers / shivers (the good kind)


Alex may be young, but his wines show plenty of wisdom and depth. In fact, Alex’s Beaujolais-Villages is a sort of tightrope act, looking for that Guy Breton-esque burst of airy pleasure, mixed with a, dare I say it, Jean Foillard-like depth and grip. I was hoping to avoid adding the inevitable mention of Jean when speaking about Alex’s wines, but I just can’t help but think of this as the most compelling and delicious Beaujolais cross-pollination one could wish for. —Chris Santini

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