2019 Vino Rosato Magnum!

Cantina Giardino

2019 Vino Rosato Magnum!

Producer: Cantina Giardino

Grape: Aglianico

Region: Campania, Italy

Vintage: 2019

ABV: 13%

purple haze / disco napping / a dream I had once about fireflies and floppy poppies

Family sized glugger of fun! This is from the volcanic slopes of Campania. Antonio and Daniela De Gruttola's wines are so vibrant it's like looking straight into the sun and knowing it's harming you but gosh if that vitamin d isn't flooding your veins in this saccharine way that holds your gaze and later you will barge into sleep like a baby or like a log or like a little brown bat hey did you know that they sleep the most of all animals, about 19-20 hours a day. Oh to be a little brown bat curled up face pointed to soil. Anyway, this wine's great. 

Please note, all orders come with chips!